Audience Reflection

5.  The Hunting Ground

This documentary would be good for a teenage audience because they should watch their surroundings when they are out at public places where they could potentially be attacked.

4. Bowling for Columbine

This documentary should be for a teenage audience because it talks about the affects of school shootings and the after math of it all. It’s important because it gives a clear view of what could happen.

3. Food Inc.

This documentary would be for an audience of all ages because it shows that people should watch what they eat and keep up on their health.

2. Undefeated

This documentary would be recommended for any age because it talks about how working together as a team is the most important no matter what is going on in your life at the moment.

  1. CitizenFour

This documentary would be important for others to watch because it shows that you have to watch what you do on the internet and in other places like the public.

Prescription Drug pro and con

The article explained the different types of drugs that were on the market but had been taken down after a number of years because of the severe damage it had caused. The prescription drug issue is important because the different drugs were a harm to people but the patients didn’t know that because the side affects were hidden until someone got hurt in the process. I personally think that prescription drugs are a danger in some cases because there is a possibility that who ever takes them gets addicted and or gets injured or possibly even killed but on the other hand the drugs help get rid of the pain that you have and it helps with your overall issues. I think that people who take the drug as much are trying to stop pain that’s not physical but emotionally but it could just mean they truly are addicted. The website wasn’t biased because it gave both sides of the argument. It talked about how the drugs were both helping and hurting the people who took it.

Some questions I have are…

  1. Do you think that all prescription drugs should be banned do to the amount of damage they have caused?
  2. If you had taken one of the drugs that caused severe damage would you continue taking them because if you were addicted or would you stop weather you’re addicted or not?
  3. When do you think it’s necessary to stop taking a drug? When you feel better or when the bottle is empty?

Friday 13th

I’ve learned that during my years in high school that not everyone you meet is kind. Most of the teachers are nice for the most part but some have a short temper so I would advise you not to be that student. Throughout the year things will be tough but it should get better if not then you’re clearly doing something wrong. Make friends in all of your classes then that way you’ll have someone to work with and talk to when you’re bored. Make sure that you keep up on your assignments so that the work doesn’t pile up and miss as little days as possible. Life in High isn’t like in the movies where so if you think just because you’re the new kids in school doesn’t mean that you’ll get picked on. I’m sure you have plenty of friends coming from middle school but it’s always good to make new ones because they might not have as many friends as another person they could be a transfer student and they have no one to talk to.


Don’t miss days
Piled up work
Teachers can be nice

Military Recruiting

What is your social issue?

Military recruiting

Why is it such a social issue? What do people disagree about in relation to this topic?

It’s such an issue because most recruiters  go to high schools to recruit young when in all honesty kids should be 18 or older to be recruiter. They disagree with the recruiters coming to the schools but they agree that it’s okay for kids to sign up under age.

What is your proposed solution? Why do you think this is the best solution?

I propose that the military should recruit people out of high school and or college if need be necessary to achieve their quotas. I think its the best solution because when students or kids are sent into the battlefield they are most likely to die.

What are pros to your solution?

The pros are keeping the military recruiters off the high school campuses.

What are cons to your solution?

The cons are allowing the military recruiters on campus.

Any questions to your audience members for help on your topic? (Need to post at least 2 questions)

Do you think students under 18 should be allowed to join the military?

Should the Military recruiters be able to go on high school campus?

LGBT Adoption Rights

Social Issues In The United States

In the website Isidewith I picked the topic LGBT adoption rights. In the entire U.S 80% of the people agree that gay couples have the same adoption rights as any straight couple. The reason being is that they pass the same background check as a straight couple. The other 20% of the U.S say no it shouldn’t be allowed. They say no because a mother and father relationship is the best. They also propose gay people should not be able to adopt children at all. Another reason on the no side would be that the adoption agencies offer the children to straight couples before gay couples. In my opinion I think every couple should have the right to adopt no matter who they love. If they are willing to go through all the paper work and then pass then that just means they qualify just like any other couple. In the article it was said to believe that a mother and father family structure was needed in the child’s life. In Illinois 82% of the people agree that gay couples do have a right to adopt a child. But the other 18% disagree because of the same reasons as the 20% of the U.S.

Word Art

I chose this template because the claws of the paw are sharp and I am sharp witted at times. I also chose it because it’s spaced out like my goals in life. It also better shows the words that I picked that better represent me. Another reason I picked this template is because I like tigers.

Positive News

  • Summary: This article basically talked about how a teacher jumped into action and tackled the gunman at a school shooting.
  • Evaluation: This article is one sided because it shows how the teacher succeeds in the end.
  • Analysis: The positive of this article is that no one died because of her act of bravery
  • Synthesize: I personally thought that it was a good thing she jumped into action before anyone got hurt
  • Would you have tackled the gunman to save many?


Traditionally during Thanksgiving me and my family go either to Alabama or my grandparents house but this year we’re hosting Thanksgiving at my house. Usually during the holidays we hang out with close family and friends. The main meal during the holidays is the typical turkey. On Thanksgiving sometimes we watch a movie of some sort that has the Thanksgiving theme. The one thing I look forward to on the thanksgiving holiday is the food and a few things that are on my “I can’t wait to eat list” are mud pie, sweet potato casserole, mashed potatoes, other types of pies, and my dads mac and cheese. Every thanksgiving isn’t always the best but usually everyone has a good time because when there’s food everything is all fine and dandy. My personal favorite thing on Thanksgiving is being surrounded with the company of people who are most important to me.